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a little guidance goes a long way.

✅ Work one-on-one with our Founder + Head Strategist, Charmaine.

Our one-on-one consulting service is a great opportunity for you to work with our Founder + Head Strategist, Charmaine. With an incredible amount of knowledge under her belt, Charmaine is able to assist and direct you on a broad range of marketing, branding and communications topics.


All you need to come equipped with is the topic you wish to cover. Alternatively, Charmaine is able to structure a consulting plan for you, which covers solutions to your pain points.


NOTE: As sessions are held with our  Founder + Head Strategist, availability is strictly limited. Contact us to seek availability.

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consultancy package

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Consultancy packages are available in packs of 5x 60 minute sessions, and may be conducted virtually or face to face.


Sessions may cover one or multiple topics. Examples include:

  • Marketing strategy and/or review

  • Business strategy and/or review

  • Campaign planning

  • Brand direction

  • Social media guidance and direction

  • Event marketing/strategy

  • Email marketing

  • Paid social media advertising

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