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get the most out of your event.

🎫 Increase registrations or ticket sales for your next event. 

Again, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter event marketing packages (they’re rubbish)! We’ll work with you to understand your event and your audience, allowing us to design a tailored event marketing package.

We deliver our event marketing campaigns to strategically targeted audiences, ones likely to be interested in attending your event. The result, ticket sales!

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event marketing packages

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Our event marketing campaigns are built to:

  1. Drive event awareness

  2. Generate quality leads (allowing us to retarget to this audience)

  3. Increase ticket sales (Sell! Sell! Sell)

  4. Upsell to existing ticket holders (think events within your event)

Depending on your event and audience, we'll tailor a suitable package using a combination, or all of the following digital marketing strategies:

  • Paid social media marketing (Facebook,  Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn)

  • Spotify Ads

  • Paid Google Ads

  • Email marketing

  • SMS marketing

  • Influencer/Ambassador program

  • Organic social media campaigns

  • Exhibitor partnership marketing (make the most of your exhibitors)

event marketing add-ons

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Require further event marketing support? Here's other ways we're able to assist you:

  • Event photography

  • Event videography

  • Event program design

  • Source suitable guest speakers

  • Offline marketing strategies such as outdoors posters, radio ads,

  • Event design

  • Program design (feature areas / stages etc)

  • Guest speakers and special guest organisation

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